Print the Greek alphabet

Sometimes you need a random Greek character, say when you're doing maths. Or remind yourself what the Greek symbol Squiggle (ξ), as my physics prof (thanks Serge!) once called it, is really named.

It can be handy to be able to print out the entire Greek alphabet in unicode so you can just copy and paste from the command line. The following script does this.

And, although it looks off-kilter here, the output lines up quite nicely when you print it.

echo "Alpha   Α α Ά ά               Omega   Ω ω Ώ ώ
Beta    Β β                   Omicron Ο ο Ό ό
Chi     Χ χ                   Phi     Φ φ
Delta   Δ δ                   Pi      Π π
Epsilon Ε ε Έ έ               Psi     Ψ ψ
Eta     Η η Ή ή               Rho     Ρ ρ
Gamma   Γ γ                   Sigma   Σ σ ς
Iota    Ι ι Ϊ ϊ ΐ Ί ί         Tau     Τ τ
Kappa   Κ κ                   Theta   Θ θ
Lambda  Λ λ                   Upsilon Υ υ ΰ Ϋ ϋ Ύ ύ
Mu      Μ μ                   Xi      Ξ ξ
Nu      Ν ν                   Zeta    Ζ ζ"